Places to +1 Local Transition Updates

It’s Aug.20, 2012 and Google is still in transition from their “Places” to Google+ Local listings

I know they are making things very confusing for local businesses right now, and they will still take more time to settle into their new system.

These questions arise all the time.

  • After I verify my business, where do I edit it – the Places page, or in Google+ Local page?
  • What do I do if I’m a service area type business and not storefront type?
  • I was a service area business in Google places, but now I’m not visible in the new Google+ Local – what happened?
  • I verified my business, but now I’m waiting – it’s been weeks and it’s still “pending”.

They’ve now finally posted some updates and a FAQ on this site.

If you received our guide for setting up Google local listings, then you need to keep in mind these updates and constant changes.  The core of setting it up Places is the same, it’s just after you’ve done it where it get’s trickier.

We service-area type businesses that go TO our customers are still left hanging in the transition.  It seems neither big govt. nor big Google still see the importance of our type of business in the economy.  We’re always the last ones or ignored.  Here in Surrey, BC – small home-based businesses make up over 40% of all businesses in Surrey (most of these are service type).  Many of these provide jobs or contract work to others.  Though small individually, collectively we make a huge contribution to the economy.

Come on, guys.  Treat us small service businesses like any other business and equally important!

So, currently, where you EDIT your business listing depends on how new it is, whether it’s brick & mortar, and whether it’s been verified or not.

Those of you who are my Google Places optimization service clients, please be patient as well – we cannot control Google and their many changes – we just have to keep up to date with them and adjust accordingly.