Guaranteed ROI

Guaranteed Return on Investment

Not many web marketing and consulting companies offer this guarantee.  We’re not interested in providing “services”, just results.

We guarantee that if you order something we recommend for your situation, and it does not yield a profitable return on your marketing investment within 6 months, we will keep working on SEO and web promotion activities until it does at no extra cost.

Of course, we cannot guarantee this without first assessing your current marketing goals, activities, and investments vs returns.

  • We first listen to you.
  • Then, determine how customers are looking for you.
  • Then, assess how you are connecting with those who search for you.
  • Then, determine the best way to connect with them that gets them to TAKE ACTION.
  • You get an online marketing plan no matter what you decide to do with us.

A web presence doesn’t have to be a cost (only if you spent on a website but not getting found!).  An effective web presence is an investment towards gain.  I would happily invest $1000 if it brought me a gain of $3000 from just 2 new customers who may become life-time customers with ongoing income. (That’s just an example).

If you choose us to implement the plan, we can guarantee you will only gain, and not lose what you invest.  

Can the Ye–ow Pages offer such a guarantee?

Can the newspaper offer this guarantee of good marketing ROI?

We can, because proper online marketing can be tracked, and can also be coordinated with any offline marketing to maximize its results.  We can even track how many phone calls come from your online promotions.

If you can spare 90 minutes of your time to answer questions, we will give you a full “profit maximizer audit”.  At a minimum, your “Better Marketing ROI” report will leave you a marketing plan to follow yourself.  Alternatively, you could choose to keep doing what you do best, and leave the online marketing stuff to us.

Give us a try.  You can’t really lose.

Half hour consultation: No cost.
After that:  $200/hour.
90-minute audit, plus 10-15 page report:   $395

You can spend lots of time with the learning curve and hours of implementation by learning how to generate your own leads with this free local marketing training, OR…

If you implement the suggestions through our SEO and web marketing services, you get a $350 rebate as a credit towards your first bill.

If you want local business internet marketing consulting in Surrey, Langley or Metro Vancouver, call us today for your no-obligation consultation at (778) 578-1202.

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