Subscription payment for CTFS pay-per-click management – 300/month + tax
Plus options to add to the monthly.

Added Options

Every month work is done to maintain your website & keep it working well, including some or all of the following:

  • backups of the site
  • update new patches to the Shopping Cart plugin (WooCommerce)
  • update new security patches to plugins and to WordPress CMS software
  • checking that site still functions after updates
  • responding to errors and troubleshooting
  • SUPPORT – answering customer’s questions, tweaking, making changes, etc.

As part of the SUPPORT – we can respond to customer needs, OR when little is needed by the customer, we will do some on-site tweaking for SEO in response to new data received from Google Analytics.  For instance, we notice that many are searching for specific colour of dresses.  So, I know it will help to go to the site and add “tags” that specify colours in the dress products.   Over time, the site will become very optimized according to user’s search habits, and increase visibility and traffic accordingly.

Base:  $300/m for PPC management
Added Options: + 3hr Site Support : $420.00 CAD – Monthly
| + SEO tweaks only : $420.00 CAD – Monthly
| + Support+extra SEO : $525.00 CAD – Monthly
| + Supt+SEO+Rep (reputation building, review system, etc.) : $603.75 CAD – Monthly

Please select the monthly subscription options you want to add to the PPC and Support by clicking this payment link to Paypal.

Added Options

ALSO, please pay any outstanding balances. Click on the link(s) below to view unpaid invoices, then click the Green PayNow button:
1. November word on site;  https://foundonlinesolutions.freshbooks.com/view/sjJfiyrNzmDwbxM
2. PPC management Nov.14 – Dec. 14 – https://foundonlinesolutions.freshbooks.com/view/tvYz2x5v7TeeKcf