Step 2 Complete

Thank you!

Your website information has been successfully submitted.  Now Step 3.
Once step 3 (payment) is completed, the countdown begins to have your site in about 3 business days. 

When you pay to your right, here’s a reminder of what’s happening.  
You are setting up an automated payment subscription.  Please read the details below. 

1. You will be charged your one-time payment for the website setup: Currently at $150.00 (133.93 + 16.07 HST) for month 1; Then, 30 days later, you will automatically be billed for Premium hosting/support @ 45/month for the next 11 months. ($45 = 40.18 + 4.82 HST). 
2. You are agreeing to the terms of service, and to continue for 12 months. (You’ll want to anyway).
3. You are aware of the value you are getting: Hosting & Supreme Support (up to 1-hour a month for any website updates, Q&A, etc.)
4. You are aware that if your subscription stops, your hosting will stop and your site will not show online anymore.

I think you’ll be relieved to have this big step of a website handled for you, easing your stress, so you can get right down to business.