Local Business Online Marketing

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There is so much to learn about marketing to your local audience.  Traditionally, that was only by word of mouth, print media, or more expensive radio and TV.  The typical marketing training focuses on “branding”.  Branding takes massive exposure over time.

That’s fine for larger companies with a good-sized marketing budget, but the local small business needs DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING to get new customers now – it doesn’t have the time or cash flow to WAIT for brand marketing to attract new clients merely by a famous brand.  Especially new startups!  Unfortunately, most new small businesses copy the marketing style of large companies and try to gain “brand” recognition, so their marketing fails.  Just look at all the ads in print and even websites online that have no direct call to action with incentive, no sense of urgency.  This kind of ad assumes “being known” is enough.

Small businesses need to also capitalize on INbound marketing of people SEARCHING for them and social media referrals.  According to Google, “97% of consumers search for local businesses online”.   It’s common sense to want to be found where people are searching.  The good news is that local business online marketing is far cheaper than typical paid marketing.

There’s so much to know, so little time.  You don’t have time to mess with it, so you need a local internet marketing consultant with local SEO services in Surrey or metro Vancouver. Call us for a no-obligation assessment of your online presence, and what you need to do to get more customers.  Then let us take the worry off your hands and increase your traffic and sales.