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Problem:  Local Business Not Found Where People are Searching.  

Solution:  Local Search Optimization Services to Google's 1st Page

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Custom Strategic Approach

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Packages and Pricing

Price totally depends on your needs, how many new leads you can handle, how aggressive you want to get there with your budget, etc.  

We’re not about “selling services”, but about guaranteeing you get more visibility and traffic to increase your likelihood of getting more customers.

After a free consultation with you, we find out about your business, what your marketing goals are, do keyword and competition research, and present you a proposal on what it will take to get found online and get more customers.  When we know what pieces of the “effective online presence puzzle” you are missing, we are able to determine the investment you will need to make to GAIN from these online pieces.

Book a half-hour appointment here, and get a FREE Video ad worth $300+ to promote your local business.

We do have some packages and price tables to go with them, but most business owners, without a consultation, don’t know what it will take for them to rank in search and increase their leads – so need help in choosing.  For instance, some SEO packages are based on amount of keywords & cities - well, many don't even know the possibilities for that - we will help you know what people are searching most for, and then help you decide on your priority target phrases to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Here are the price ranges for various services:

Local Business Brand & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -

From USD $350/m up to $3500/m - depending on goals and amount of terms & locations you want on 1st page of Google.

Digital Ads & Traffic + Retargeting from huge network of Top-name websites -

Average cost: $9.50 per 1000 impressions, plus $150-300 monthly management.
Your ad will be seen by hyper-targeted local or national audience when they visit most any blog with ads according to interests, local news sites, or any big-name website like these:
WebMD, ABC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, NHL, LinkedIn, Amazon, LifeHacker, HuffingtonPost, Hulu, USnews, Twitter, Time, MTV, MensFitness, Dictionary.com, Weather, MSN, BBC, NBA, NFL, MLB, eHarmony, Match, Esquire, Tumblr, Mashable, Ask
See traffic details here​.

Facebook Social Marketing (Posts + Ads Combo OR Ads only)

* Book appointment for a FREE Facebook-Page Makeover + 1 week Trial (worth over $400).  Details on Facebook here.
Monthly amounts, depending on amount of posts/events/engagement, etc. are:  $347, 547, 997, and 1497.

For Facebook AD creation & management only - it's from $250/m including ad cost.   
$250/m (50-70 ad-spend, 1 image), $300/m (100-120 ad-spend, 1-2 img)  $395/m (180-200 ad-spend, 2-3 img)

Video Production for Social Media (Facebook, Instagram size, Youtube, Ad-networks)

From $247usd    Book an appointment, and see if you qualify for a free sample video you can use for your business.
1. See sample kinds of videos we can make for you here:
2. Then see other samples here and Signup for your pre-production meeting.

3. After production, we can help you get your videos ranked and seen in search.
Sample 1 Video ad & search results:    type in Google "bathroom cleaning Jupiter"
Sample 2 Review Videos & results:      type in Google "Tiffany's tampa bay"

Website Design - Optimized for both Search Engines and generating leads & phone calls.

From USD $950 for an attractive 5-7page WordPress site, up to $10,000 (ecommerce, etc.)
Custom marketing Landing pages: $500 usd

A website not found online might as well not exist.  Save $ on website design by combining it with an SEO package or advertising package to start getting traffic to it right away.

Sample Results

An example of a local business client was:

  • put online in March 2012
    (Pieces:  keyword research, search optimized website, online video, Facebook page)
  • ranked to page 1 for a few terms by April 2012  (her site is 7 times on page 1 for a keyword phrase).
    (Pieces: Linking and pinging, local directories listing and careful optimization, video optimization)
  • Received first customer from online presence – now a weekly income generator.

Time to her return on investment? 5 months, then all gravy from there.

Others will get back their investment in 2 months, and others in 6 – it all depends on various factors.

The pieces needed for your online presence puzzle may be different.

Call Duane at 778-578-1202.   I’m fanatical about doing what it takes to get you more customers.