Social Media Marketing Services

If your business doesn’t utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and other social media sites, you are missing out on potential customers.  But not all social media efforts bear fruit.  Occasional posting only reaches a small audience.  Yet, frequent posting requires so much time & effort – creating engaging images, text, hashtags, etc.  It also requires more than just business promo posts – there is a secret-sauce RECIPE mix of types of posts that keep an audience – from informative, humorous, special offers, etc

Combine posting with special offers and social ADS, and leads or calls will start coming.

Call us for more custom packages like the following:

  1. $300/month for Facebook Advertising Services -ad management includes 1-2 ad creatives, 1 campaign.  Ad spend will be based on target audience and your budget and added to overall invoice.  Many local businesses find decent targeted leads through Facebook’s lead ads.  Landing pages and funnels with full marketing tools can also be arranged by custom quote.
  2. Add to above 1 extra ad image/creative & campaign  +$87 each.
  3. Add 20 monthly updates to Facebook Page and syndicated to other social accounts as well – +100$

If you are not posting regularly to Facebook and other social sites, your content is not seen much – but daily posting keeps your content seen by your followers.
That can be a hassle!  We schedule and post great images and useful bits of tips and info related to your niche industry once a day on up to 8 social platforms.  It is up to the business owner to engage with any comments or requests.

  • Google Business Profile
  • Facebook Business Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • LinkedIn Pages
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Instagram Business
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Social Media Posting Service Plans  (selected industries – super custom requires a quote):
1x Daily – $147 month  (or save at 397/quarter)
2x Daily – $187 month  (or save at 497/quarter)

Trust me, most business owners -to do daily creating & posting of images+text – would spend at least 20 hours/m! Is your time worth less than $147/month?

Call us with your needs.  778-578-1202, or message us in the chat widget in lower right corner.

We’ll even add a video now and then at no extra charge once you stay with us for 2 months.

Sample posts: