Web Video Production and Marketing in Surrey & Vancouver

Video production and marketing

We help you stand out or get discovered with the power of moving pictures and text in web video. Whether you are in Surrey or Metro Vancouver or anywhere in North America, let us do your budget video production and video marketing.

We make video accounts and social media sites for traffic campaigns, link-building, and other ads. Let us make your small business web promotional videos for a low investment. We then promote them on ad networks, or, for search, we can optimize them, get them ranked, and bring you traffic and calls.

  • Video SEO will help you stand out above your competition in local search results and in Google places.
  • Video testimonials and reviews are powerful to bring more trust and sales.
  • Video will help you display your finished work, products, or place of business.
  • Video can help you pre-sell or pre-qualify with informative tutorials that convince prospects of the value of your offer.
  • We include 2 basic slideshow videos in our Google Places optimization service already for extra value.
    Bundle other types of videos with another service for further discounts

FREE VIDEO - Let us show you what we can do.  Get it here.

From $147usd    Book an appointment, and see if you qualify for a free sample video you can use for your business.
1. See sample kinds of videos we can make for you here:
2. Then see other samples here and Signup for your pre-production meeting.

3. After production, we can help you get your videos ranked and seen in search.
Sample 1 Video ad & search results:    type in Google "bathroom cleaning Jupiter"
Sample 2 Review Videos & results:      type in Google "Tiffany's tampa bay"

Types of Videos

REVIEW show-off

Imagine people searching for your business, "company name reviews", and then seeing search results in Google with video thumbnails, showing review videos.  Like this:        From $147

Short ADs

Short video ads are most effective on social media - whether for Facebook boosted posts, video ads, Youtube ads, or to be shown on large ad networks across the web that take video.

See this end-of-season video we did for a Facebook marketing customer.

SAMPLES of 30-80 second ads here.
SAMPLES of 15-30 second ads here.

Limited OFFERS, DEALS or Events

We can make a short effective ad showing your special offer, and call to action.  Best to be shown to a targeted audience on social media, like this clearance ad.

We can even do a series of re-targeting video ads - to be shown as reminders, or show reputation, to show only to all those people who have previously visited your website.  These are people who've already shown some interest, so the ads can be even more effective.  We can build you a ready-made web audience.


Slideshow web videos are a compilation of photos or screenshots mixed with effects and music. Best for those with a tiny budget, they can be almost as effective for ads, profiles, or educational purposes or FAQs.


Do none of these video options meet your need? Let us know what you need, and we can get you a quote from one of our partners who do custom videos. Videographers will come do whole live events like weddings or parties or lectures and compile them as wanted.