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We aim to over-deliver on the value you get.

For your Site Maintenance, Hosting & Support (up to 1-hour a month help on site), 
please subscribe here:   Amount is $40.00 + 2.00 GST = $42.00

Subscription is indefinite until you discontinue.  If you use credit card, your statement should say “Paypal, FOS Web”
When you discontinue, your website will no longer be live – unless you move to another hosting server.  

What does maintenance include?  Edit something on your site, add a picture or article. Little updates. Even if you have no site updates in a month, we still spend time on the following: 

  • 1-2 times a month, we make sure the site stays online, and secure,
  • We update the WordPress platform, themes, and plugins to latest versions.  
  • Troubleshooting or Bug fixes. Sometimes there are conflicts, so time is spent fixing it.  
  • You are paying us so YOU don’t have to worry about the behind-the-scense techy stuff.  Some cheap $5 hosting company will not be doing this for you.  It’s not about price, but about VALUE.

For Site Rentals, including Hosting & Supreme Support (up to 1/2 hour a month), 
please subscribe here:  Setup is the monthly amount upfront for 1st 15 days,
then it begins that amount every 30 days after 15 days (assuming site is to your satisfaction).

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